The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer review process to certify the quality of online courses and online components.


What is an eportfolio?

An electronic portfolio is a program-based tool that allows students to collect their exemplary work as they progress through that program. It is a tool that allows for consistent assessment across a program of program goals. Electronic portfolios in this case are Internet-based, and allow for greater ease of use for reviewers who are assessing collected student work.

The iWebfolio Pilot

iWebfolio is an electronic portfolio system being piloted by some programs at West Virginia University. This system allows degree program creation of electronic portfolio templates, for the branding and control of student portfolio structure. It also allows the creation of rubrics to facilitate assessment.

Training and Information

To view tutorials on how to use the iWebfolio system, please view the “Help for Students/Owners” section of our training portfolio:

Request Participation

You can request that your academic program be included in the iWebfolio pilot by filling out the form at this address: