A Tutorial for Getting Started in your WVU eCampus Course:


To get started in a WVU eCampus course, it is important that you do the following:

Check that all required plugins are installed on your computer

Within this eCampus Tutorial is a page describing web browser plugin software required for successful participation in a WVU eCampus online course. Be sure that the computer you will be using to visit WVU eCampus has the software identified on the ‘Required Browser Plugins’ page.

Read the Syllabus

Read the syllabus provided by your instructor carefully. Pay attention to the tasks that must be performed. Keeping pace with course information and activities is important for success in any course.

Read about WVU eCampus Tools

Within this tutorial is a page describing the layout of WVU eCampus and how the course tools are used. This page also links to more specific online tutorials for various tools.

Run the browser check

If you have installed all of the plugins that are required and still have problems accessing WVU eCampus, then you should run the browser check to find remaining issues.