The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer review process to certify the quality of online courses and online components.

Faculty Services

The iDesign offers exciting new opportunities for teaching at WVU – whether on-campus or at a distance. The iDesign provides consulting for the design and development of instructional materials for use in the classroom or at a distance. Whether you are teaching in an on-line environment or trying to incorporate a computer simulation into your classroom experience, iDesign can assist with the relevant issues. We also engage in curriculum development projects that involve integrating technology.

We assist faculty interested in using online delivery as a supplement to, or as a replacement for, traditional in-class instruction. Faculty members may use the resources of the iDesign to develop and explore new modes of teaching and to bring new technologies to bear on difficult instructional problems.

iDesign areas of expertise include (but not limited to):

  • Instructional Design – needs analysis, defining objectives, determining appropriate strategies
  • Information Architecture – structure, labeling, navigation issues
  • Interface Design – Usability issues, consistency, communication
  • Technology Integration – assessment, evaluation of technology effectiveness

In order to request services from the iDesign, faculty members must fill out the Project Request Form. Once we’ve received a Project Request, our staff meets with the interested faculty member to discuss the objectives and scope of the project and then we go through a series of activities to complete the project.