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Classroom List

Virtual iDesign Classroom Animations

Three Flash animations have been created to provide new users with a preview (or past users with a review) of iDesign-Classroom standards. All are simulations to allow “virtual” control for you to test and familiarize yourself online. Please reference the individual classroom web pages for general room information or contact the iDesign-Classroom group at 304-293-2832 to request additional information or training.

virtual CTec standard classroom

Virtual iDesign-Classroom Standard Classroom (Flash): This simulates an iDesign-Classroom standard room with computer, Document Camera, input panel, etc.


Virtual iDesign-Classroom Two-Projector Classroom (Flash):
This simulates an iDesign-Classroom Standard Classroom that has two projectors for individual switching of sources.


Virtual iDesign-Classroom Basic Classroom (Flash):
This simulates an iDesign-Classroom Basic Classroom with a projector and an input panel available for a laptop or other devices that an instructor can bring with them into class.