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Training Materials

To set up an individual or group training session for an iDesign-Classroom supported classroom, please call us at (304) 293-2832 so that we may make an appointment that works for you and the classroom. In addition to our personal training sessions, iDesign-Classroom has made online content available for our patrons'convenience:

"Virtual" iDesign-Classroom - Animations have been created to provide users with a way of allowing "virtual" control to familiarize yourself online.

iDesign-Classroom Online Training - An online method of learning the proper procedures to use an iDesign-Classroom Standard classroom, and includes a quiz to evaluate your knowledge.

Classroom Information - Includes technology classroom descriptions, contact info, and step-by-step instruction on equipment function.

Equipment Instructional Use - A list of links that provide information on the use of equipment for teaching and education.

Teaching in a One-Computer Classroom Workshop – Online workshop notes available (formerly known as ITRC 120).

Training Checklist - An overview of the iDesign-Classroom training process. These are the tasks you'll most commonly perform when teaching in an iDesign-Classroom supported classroom.