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Technology Support

The iDesign-Classroom staff supports instructional technology classrooms at WVU as detailed below. Any client using iDesign-Classroom services must comply with this policy.

What iDesign-Classroom Supports:

  • Classroom Support
    Classrooms designated as having ‘primary’ support get the most immediate response directly from our staff. These are typically “General Purpose” classrooms as scheduled by Admissions & Records. iDesign-Classroom provides troubleshooting assistance and training in the use of instructional technology equipment on a weekly or daily basis. Technology classrooms supported by iDesign-Classroom are listed under “Basic“, "Standard", and "Computer Lab" facilities on the classrooms web page.

Classrooms designated as having departmental support typically have local-unit personnel to provide support to the instructor. The local support person(s) may contact iDesign-Classroom technicians for consulting assistance. Some of these rooms are listed under “Department Supported Facilities” on the classrooms web page.

  • Consulting Support
    Any WVU administrator, faculty, or staff may contact iDesign-Classroom for consultation on instructional technology requirements in a classroom setting. Familiarity with systems, equipment specifications, and general usability allow iDesign-Classroom technicians to be knowledgeable toward preferences in designing and installing new facilities, renovating old facilities, or about common troubleshooting techniques. Referrals to other IT groups may be available for additional assistance.

Who iDesign-Classroom Supports:

  • Regularly Scheduled Class Instructors and Teaching Assistants
    For each semester, instructors that have classes scheduled in a iDesign-Classroom supported classroom need to contact iDesign-Classroom at least one week in advance of their first use to schedule training and access to classroom equipment.
  • Special Events
    Event coordinators that have scheduled a iDesign-Classroom supported classroom for a one-time event or for a recurring event should designate a responsible person to be in attendance during the event and act as "instructor" to contact iDesign-Classroom at least one week in advance of their event to receive training and access to classroom equipment. Provide the date(s) and time(s) of your event, as access is limited during non-business and weekend hours.

How iDesign-Classroom Provides Support:

  • Phone Support
    If an instructor encounters a problem during a class or an event, they should call the iDesign-Classroom Hotline 304-293-2832 as soon as possible. A complete and accurate problem description by the instructor should allow most problems to be solved over the phone. Callers should work with the iDesign-Classroom technician to discuss the issue over the phone to find a resolution in a timely manner. Problem urgency should be explained by the caller, so the technician can determine the best method to resolve the issue.
  • In-Room Support
    A iDesign-Classroom technician will be dispatched when in-room support is necessary and if the issue can be resolved within the time allowed. The instructor should let the technician know if interrupting class is undesired.

When iDesign-Classroom Provides Support:

  • Business Hours
    Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm during Fall, Spring, and Summer classes. Evening on-campus support for classes is typically available until 10 pm.
  • On-Call Hours
    For scheduled classes and events outside of normal business hours, instructors may call iDesign-Classroom at 304-293-2832 when immediate support is required. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, the technician will estimate the amount of time needed to arrive and address the problem. The instructor may choose to wait for the technician or make other accommodations.
  • Limitations of Support
    Hostile and abusive remarks (or acts) by the user toward iDesign-Classroom staff will not be tolerated. iDesign-Classroom reserves the right to suspend support services and will report all issues to the appropriate dean or director. Willful destruction, vandalism, or misuse of equipment may result in a loss of technology privileges for the user.