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CTec Policy: Computer Configuration Guidelines

PC computers that are maintained by CTec and are installed in our supported classrooms are installed with the configurations listed below. Alterations from this list depends on the particular room installation, equipment, connectivity, and use by instructors. Information is subject to change without notice and should serve as a guide only. Each classroom installation may potentially have differences from this list. Please visit the particular classroom or contact CTec for more information.

Software training is available through the Office of Information Technology training group.

Additional software may be installed on classroom PCs to meet specific needs of departments, by providing CTec with a user license and allowing sufficient time for testing. Please refer to Computer Use Policy’s for more information.

Full versions of Novell GroupWise are not permitted to be installed in CTec classrooms for security reasons (server-saved configuration differences per account, message auto-archiving, saved passwords, accounts left-open, etc).