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Outside Equipment Policy

In addition to the technology installed and maintained by CTec in general purpose classrooms across campus, an Input Panel provides instructors the ability to connect audio-visual equipment from outside sources including the AV Library, departmental resources, or personal items (such as laptop computers).

Please note the following in regards to using outside equipment in CTec classrooms:

  1. Instructors and guest lecturers are welcome to bring outside audio-visual equipment into CTec classrooms as needed. During class time, CTec staff are only available for emergency assistance and cannot be responsible for loading, moving, installing, returning, or maintaining outside equipment.
  2. With appropriate notice and coordination, a CTec technician can meet with the instructor to provide consulting and help testing of any outside equipment the instructor plans to connect to the installed technology in the classroom. We highly recommend testing any outside equipment before your event or first class session in order to assure the technology can be used properly.
  3. If you are planning to use any laptop computer or device with a non-standard connector, such as an iPad or Apple Macbook computer, please be sure to have the proper adapter to connect your device to a standard VGA cable. If you will be using a battery powered device, electrical outlets for AC adapters are available on each lectern. Please make sure you have any chargers or power cables you may need. CTec cannot provide adapters, cables, or chargers for outside equipment.
  4. The instructor agrees to be responsible for any loss or damage to the technology equipment (installed or outside equipment) by the instructor, guest lecturers, teaching assistants, etc. during the period of time this equipment is being operated in a CTec classroom. CTec will not assume responsibility for any damages or loss of equipment. Additionally, please be sure to remove all media (tapes, discs, flash drives, etc) before leaving the classroom.

Please contact the CTec office at 304-293-2832 or with any questions you may have