The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer review process to certify the quality of online courses and online components.

Procedures and Guidelines

The purpose of these procedures and guidelines are to ensure that:

  1. The WVU academic community is aware of the services provided by iDesign-Classroom (formerly CTec) and the established procedures for receiving them.
  2. Services are consistently, fairly, and equitably provided by the iDesign-Classroom staff as they adhere to these policies.
  3. Standards are created to address inconsistencies among supported facilities and promote ease of use.

Availability: iDesign-Classroom provides centralized technical support to designated classrooms and locations on the WVU campus. iDesign-Classroom staff members provide consulting and training to WVU instructors for the delivery of media-enhanced course information. Additionally, consulting is provided for the creation of new technology-enhanced facilities and for the renovation of existing facilities. Limited media duplication and conversion services are provided for course-related needs. These services are available upon request and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ownership: Permissions for use and proof of ownership of materials and information provided to iDesign-Classroom by instructors are the responsibility of the instructor and may be required prior to duplicating or converting the information. Classroom equipment provided by iDesign-Classroom is owned by West Virginia University.

Security: The physical security of technology-enhanced teaching spaces is primarily the responsibility of the users of that facility. The iDesign-Classroom staff provides assistance with establishing security policies for these facilities.

  • Technology Support - Policy for instructional technology support by the iDesign-Classroom group
  • Classroom Use – Policy for instructional technology classroom use in facilities supported by the iDesign-Classroom group.
  • Media Duplication/Conversion – Policy for media duplication services provided by the iDesign-Classroom group and Multimedia Services.
  • Outside Equipment – Policy for the use of equipment brought into a classroom supported by the iDesign-Classroom group.
  • Disposal Practices – Policy for technology equipment and used material disposal.
  • Computer Use – Policy for computer use in facilities supported by the iDesign-Classroom group.
  • Computer Configuration Guidelines – Recommendations for computer software installations and configurations for classrooms.
  • Installation Guidelines – Recommendations for instructional technology systems and equipment for installation into classrooms.
  • Keys and Electronic Locks - Policy for accessing iDesign-Classroom equipment in technology classrooms