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Computer Use

Users of classroom computers maintained by iDesign-Classroom must comply with this policy. These rules are put into place to allow all users a stable and secure computing environment.

  1. iDesign-Classroom classrooms are general purpose instructional facilities in which other users will have access to your software or hardware as well, therefore iDesign-Classroom cannot be held liable for theft/vandalism.
  2. The computer should never be used for permanent storage. iDesign-Classroom classroom computers have a preset configuration and returns to that exact configuration upon every start or restart of the computer. Files left on the computer (including the desktop) will be purged. Any drivers or plugins installed by the user will be removed. iDesign-Classroom cannot be held responsible for any lost data.
  3. Users are encouraged to transport their files on removable media that can be accessed by the classroom computer. Removable media types generally include CDR’s, DVDR’s, or USB portable drives. Users may also use email, eCampus, or other remote transportation methods to access and backup files. Keeping data on removable media allows users to reliably access their files before class, remove/backup files after class, keep data secure, and helps prevent loss of data.
  4. Users are not permitted to modify or delete system files, or in any way tamper with the normal operation of any classroom computer or classroom technology system.
  5. Users are not permitted to permanently install any software or hardware without iDesign-Classroom assistance. For software to be installed, you must provide a written license allowing for educational use, show proof of purchase, and provide all installation media. These items should be provided to iDesign-Classroom no less than two weeks before the event for use. iDesign-Classroom will install software with the understanding that the license you provide is for our exclusive use during the semester(s) you will be using the classroom. Software must not alter the functionality, security, or integrity of the computer for any other user. Additionally, iDesign-Classroom cannot provide support for software installed at the request of the user. Use of such software and classroom implementation is the responsibility of the user. We strongly encourage users to test software and hardware before classroom use.
  6. The viewing of pornographic or other sexually explicit materials is not permitted.
  7. Violation of copyright or copy-protection is not permitted.
  8. Network file sharing and other forms of remote drive access via the network are not permitted (governed by OIT Standards & Procedures).