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Classroom Use

Persons requesting use of equipment in technology classrooms maintained by CTec must comply with this policy.

  1. The facility must be properly scheduled for use. Most WVU general purpose classrooms may be scheduled through Facilities Scheduling. Please refer to the specific classroom’s contact list for other scheduling information.
  2. The instructor or any equipment user for a single or recurring event must contact CTec to schedule an appointment for training and to receive access to the equipment by way of key, passcode and/or swipecard access. This should be done at least one week prior to the event. Special equipment or software needs should be addressed at this time.
  3. If any special equipment or software is to be used during the event, it is the responsibility of the instructor/or the equipment user to bring them to the training session for testing at that time. For more information, please review the Computer Use Policy and the OIT Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy.
  4. Before each event begins, it is the responsibility of the instructor or the equipment user to arrive early to test the equipment to be used during the event to make sure everything is working properly. For use of the installed wireless equipment (microphones, remote controls, etc.) the user must bring extra batteries of their own to guarantee battery availability.
  5. At the conclusion of each event, it is the responsibility of the equipment user to make sure all equipment is properly put away, shut down and locked up, as well as make sure that the facility itself is secure after the last attendee has left.
  6. Any keys must be returned to CTec within a week of the event, or within a week of the last recurring event.