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Laptop Instructions

NOTE: These are general instructions for using a laptop computer in CTec classrooms. Your classroom may have specific instructions, so please refer to the list of classrooms on this page.

The local input panel is used to connect a laptop, auxiliary microphone, or other external sources to the projection system. Since this is not a device adjusted specifically for the installed system, please test this device in the classroom prior to the event. If you would like assistance, please contact the Classroom Technology Group to schedule a testing session.


A. Locate the Input Panel on top of the multimedia lectern at the front of the classroom.


B. Determine the connections needed to attach your laptop to the input panel and provide the necessary cables.


C. To show laptop video through the projection system, use a VGA cable and connect to the 15-pin VGA jack.


D. Connect the other end of the 15-pin VGA cable to your laptop, then power your laptop on. A 1/8″ audio connector is attached to the VGA cable and can be plugged into your laptop’s headphone jack. An Ethernet cable is also available if the wireless internet is unavailable.


E. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top.


F. Select the laptop’s image for projection by pressing the laptop source button.


G. For classrooms with two projectors, project the laptop onto the left or right screen by pressing the appropriate display button in the lower portion of the touch panel.


H. IMPORTANT: If the projector appears to be ON but your laptop’s image does not appear at this point, you may need to toggle the laptop’s video output. This is done a little differently on each laptop model, but the most common way is by simultaneously pressing the “Fn” (function) and “F8″ buttons. Some laptops will use the” Fn” and “F4″ buttons. Doing this should switch the laptop from showing an image on it’s local monitor (only), to the projector (only), or to both at once.


I. If you are using digitized audio/video clips or streaming A/V, adjust the volume using the touch panel’s “Room” volume slider control.


J. You may mute the volume by pressing the speaker button below the slider bar.


K. PLEASE NOTE: Lectern laptop inputs are VGA connections at a resolution of 1024×768. If you have a device that does not have a VGA port, such as a Macbook Pro or a tablet device, you will need to provide a VGA adapter to use this equipment in the classroom. Due to the fast changing nature of these technologies, CTec cannot provide adapters.