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Engineering Sciences Building G102

In this 129 seat classroom, a ceiling mounted projector and retractable, motorized screen are used to display a networked PC computer (with built-in DVD drive and front USB ports) or a document camera. As well, a laptop computer or portable video device may be displayed by connecting them to the local input panel at the lectern. The room’s audio system includes a lectern-mounted gooseneck microphone and a wireless lapel mic.

Classroom Resource Instructions:

CTec Standard Classroom

Local Support Contacts:

The phone is located inside the multimedia lectern. The number is 304-293-0956.

Technical Equipment Problems
(PC or other Video/Audio Equipment, Training, Lectern Passcode)

iDesign Classroom Group 304-293-2832
Environmental Problems
(Temperature, Seating, Lighting, Windows, Cleanliness, Chalk Supply, Emergency Work Requests, etc.)
Facilities Management 304-293-HELP (4357)
Security Issues
(Locked Classroom, Disturbance Issues, etc.)
WVU Police 304-293-COPS (2677)
Building Problems
(Non-Emergency Work Requests, etc.)
Building Supervisor 304-293-4091
Room Scheduling
(Room Reservations, Access, and Availability)
Facilities Scheduling 304-293-0069
Software Training Workshops
(How to Use PowerPoint, Web Page Design, etc.)
ITS Training Resources 304-293-4444