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Macintosh/PC Instructions

This classroom is equipped with a networked computer capable of running WindowsXP or MacOS with a built-in DVD drive and front USB ports. It is located in the multimedia lecturn in the front of the classroom. Please do not store any files on this computer. Viruses and updates to this machine may require deletion of files; Always have a backup.


A. The Macintosh/PC computer is located inside the door of the multimedia lectern.

mac pro detail

B. Locate the Macintosh/PC and make sure its power is ON.

dual boot screen

C. To select between Operating Systems, please use the keyboard and type W for Windows, M for Mac, or select the Operating System you need with the arrow keys and press enter. The computer will automatically boot into Windows if no selection is made.

mac pro keyboard

D. If you are playing a DVD or CD, press the open-arrow key on the upper right corner of the keyboard to eject the DVD tray.


E. Locate the control touch panel on the lectern top.


F. Select the PC’s display 1 or display 2 for projection by pressing the “PC 1″ or “PC 2″ button in the left portion of the touch panel.


G. Now project the PC onto the left or right screen by pressing the appropriate display button in the lower portion of the touch panel.


H. If you are using digitized audio/video clips or streaming A/V, adjust the volume using the touch panel’s “Room” volume slider control.


I. You may mute the volume by pressing the speaker button below the slider bar. If, after completing these steps, the audio portion of your digitized or streaming A/V isn’t heard, check to make sure that the volume on the PC itself has not been muted or turned down. Double (left) click on the speaker icon in the lower right portion of the PC’s desktop and adjust.


J. Control the computer using the mouse and keyboard (located on the top of the multimedia lectern) or by using the Targus wireless handheld mouse (located in the lectern drawer).


K. The large circle on the wireless handheld mouse acts as the mouse controller. Pressing around the circumference of the circle will cause the mouse to move in that direction. The amount of pressure on the circle determines the speed of movement.


L. Switch between normal mouse control and PowerPoint slide control using the function button on the lower portion of the remote. There is also a laser pointer button available.