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WVU adopts new model for clickers

Classroom response systems, or “clickers,” are a technology that allows students to respond to questions posed during class using a handheld device. Students’ responses are captured and can be accessed by faculty for assessment of learning, analysis, and reporting.

In the Spring 2012 semester, WVU will be moving from the current Interwrite PRS clicker system to i>clicker2 as its new clicker standard for undergraduate classes.

Of most significant importance…
1. The existing (PRS) clickers being used will be maintained through the end of the Spring 2012 semester.
2. The new i>clicker2 standard is being implemented now. Information on training and clicker availability will be available very soon.  Please make sure to watch for email from CTec and WVU regarding these sessions.

Faculty can now indicate in their syllabus if a clicker will be used and students can purchase their own. A student needs only one clicker that can be carried to all classes that utilize this educational technology. Faculty who want to use the i>clicker2 for Spring 2012 should contact Amy Kuhn at or 293-4456.

Communication during this transition is very important. I encourage you to pass this information along to all colleagues using clickers at WVU, and have them contact CTec to be added to our clicker email list for distribution of updates and announcements.

Also, please let CTec know if you plan to use existing PRS clicker system(s) during the Spring semester.

Please contact Amy Kuhn at or the Classroom Technology group at with any questions or concerns.