Best Practices:


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 •  Best Practices for Communicating with Students   • 

Communication between instructor and students is the cornerstone of effective instruction and student satisfaction. Faculty have several options available for communicating with students.

  1. Learning Management System (eCampus, SOLE)
  2. MIX
  3. GroupWise

WVU recommends that primary communication prior to the start of the term take place through MIX e-mail.

WVU administration strongly discourages communicating with students via a non WVU e-mail account such as yahoo, gmail, etc. Non WVU email systems may not follow security protocols identified by WVU and are outside of the archive and retrieval abilities of WVU. Therefore, WVU can only provide support for the e-mail communication originating from a WVU issued e-mail account.

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to indicate the method of communication within the course syllabus. Clearly state course communication will take place through eCampus, MIX, etc.

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